Graham Bros. Asphalt Division is a leading supplier of high-quality hot-mix asphalt to growing markets and other fellow contractors.

Asphalt is made from a mix of aggregates, asphalt cement and other additives. Our specialized laboratory, experience and expertise provide the opportunity to change the mix of these ingredients to meet the client’s exact design mix requirements.

Our highly efficient asphalt operation meets the strict environmental standards that are regulated today and anticipated in the future. Customers are assured of receiving quality product, efficient service, accurate weight and order quantities and are guaranteed the exact design mix specified.

Operating our own Asphalt facility ensures us of both supply and quality control. It allows us to build better roads – roads that last longer through quality materials as well as our asphalt paving expertise.

With an early spring start and late seasonal finish, we are available to supply most mixes throughout the construction season. We have provided asphalt to contractors paving pathways and driveways to those paving roadways and highways. Our customers have enjoyed the benefits of variable mixes, early morning starts and quality material. In addition, 24 hour supply and specialty mixes can also be negotiated.

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