Road & Highways




Graham Bros. delivers the ultimate in state-of-the-art road building technique and technology. From multi-lane highways to city streets, we take pride in our complete roadwork capabilities and successful roadwork construction.

You see our work at every turn. From Hwy 410 to the Don Valley Parkway to your neighbourhood, we have had a hand in building and repairing the major highways and city streets in and around the GTA and beyond.

Our employees and on-site supervisors have decades of hands-on experience. Our engineers and technicians ensure that all phases of each project are feasible, problem-free, properly scheduled through the study of project sites and specification details prior to each job.

Our specialized equipment such as concrete slip forming and asphalt milling allows us the flexibility to coordinate this work without the dependency of sub-contractors.

Residential Development

Skilled in all phases of concrete, sewers, water mains and earthworks, we are experts at turning greenfield sites into fully serviced, landscape-ready residential settings.

Our growing list of satisfied clients includes both government and private landowners.

  Design: Larkin & Company